Holywell has been chosen to become the 1st town in North Wales to start the Digital Revolution to combat the loss of 3 major banks in the last 6 months.

American company “SQUARE”, with the help of David Hanson MP and Holywell Town Council worked closely with the business group run by Chair Russ Warburton and partner Karen Humphreys to bring the Digital Era in the high street.

When the banks left Holywell, it was very difficult on the high street to get cash, as there is only one cash machine, so when David Hanson approached us about looking into SQUARE, the businesses thought “Why not?”

Since the launch of the SQUARE digital machines in over 50 businesses in Holywell, our customers have been really receptive about the new technology and when the streed opens to traffic again in the new year 2018, we hope both SQUARE and the traffic filled street will help boost the economy of Holywell High Street again.

Local papers, The Leader and local photographers have been to our town to promote this new initiative and on January 2nd 2018, BBC newsnight will report on the effect the banks closing on our town have had and how we have responded to this situation.

We’ll keep fighting for our town, it’s a great community with many various and varied fabulous shops.




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