The business group, through their regular meetings, come up with different ways to enhance the shopping experience for all who come into Holywell.

One project that has recently been started by the Police, was to tidy up certain areas, to make the place more attractive.

The business group decided that after adopting the planters and having them moved by the shops who are now looking after them, they would like to “spruce up” Holywell and decided on asking volunteers and business owners to help!

The first stage of the project took place on Sunday 15th October, where many volunteers painted and cleaned up the planters, bollards, lampposts and benches.

We’re not quite finished and have asked the local and county council –  “Street Scene” if they can donate more paint, and will be looking at another day to finish the job off!

We have fantastic community spirit in Holywell!

We have a fantastic town! Here’s to the street opening trial!


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