Is your floor tool not working as well as you know it should? Well, here’s an ideal replacement / additional Universal 32mm Floor Tool which will improve the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

This Universal 32mm Floor Tool can be used for all normal cleaning of carpets, rugs and with a flick of a switch it can also be used with the bristles protruding to vacuum hard flooring.

Simple to use – to vacuum carpets and rugs, simply push the brush switch to the carpet position, this will pull the bristles up into the floor tool. To vacuum bare floors, push the brush switch to the bare floor position and this will extend the bristles down from the floor nozzle. The bristles on the tool can loosen dirt, hair and dust that has been lodged into your surfaces.

The tool has been designed to direct your vacuum’s suction to specific surfaces, dislodging dust and/or hair so that it can be sucked away into the cleaner. It comes complete with a hidden set of bristles that can be switched on for use on wooden and laminate floors.

Use this Universal 32mm Floor Tool to help extend the life of the carpets and also minimise the amount of dust in your home.

This is a universal 32mm Floor Tool that is suitable for vacuum cleaners that have a 32mm diameter hose connection, please check your vacuum connection fitting size to ensure that this product is suitable.


Is your hose split or damaged? Do you have any problems with the suction through the hose? Maybe it’s time for a new one? Our hose is the ideal replacement if your hose has become damaged and is causing a loss of suction. Our hose is a compatible high quality Henry vacuum cleaner hose. It’s length is 2.5m and fits the following models Henry, Hetty, James, David, Harry, Basil

Since most vacuum hoses are made out of flexible rubber/plastic, they to break down and wear out over time. That means that they can be replaced as a part of your regular preventive maintenance, but it’s mainly up to personal preference.




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